We have our 74 artists and the call for artists is now closed. All artists will receive a stipend and media publicity. This is a wonderful opportunity for artists, designers, photographers, and poets to share their creativity with the Oceanview, Merced, Ingleside neighboring communities and those visiting us.

Download the following files:

  • Artwork Agreement (editable PDF) here
  • Artwork Specifications (PDF) here.


1. Todd Jones Donahue a.k.a. Spark*!
Lifelong artist trained in fine and performing arts, graphic design, and animation. Conscious-Dreaming.com

2. Zamiro Bennem a.k.a Urban Picasso
SF transplant. Bold colors preferred I love to entice with everyday color schemes. UrbanPicassoArt.com

3. Nate Petterson
Lives and works in Berkeley, CA. Work moves between drawing and painting to large scale wooden sculpture. natepetterson.com

4. The Aperturist | Allison Ekevara Kitpowsong
Born in Chicago, raised in Bangkok. Tells stories through photographs and drawings. TheAperturist.com

5. Emily Eisenberg
Self taught, international artist, actively creating for the last 15 years. Influenced by energy and loves to work with colors.

6. Eric Dyer
Eric's work doesn't have to mean anything, because it’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. Eric-Dyer.com

7. Angela Hunter Geiss
Artist who draws Mandalas by hand then transfers and paints them on canvas. This celebration of Mandalas is a wonderful & calming expression.

8. Michelle Echenique
Mixed-media artist living and working in Noe Valley. She gathers carefully selected found materials to produce both 2- and 3-dimensional work.

9. Mona Jane Marcos
Interdisciplinary SF Native Artist. Body of work consists of collaborating with various artists and volunteering at local events.

10. Paradise Osorio
Mixed media artist. Current work focuses on figurative abstraction and portraiture inspired by life accounts.

11. Maria Motta
Born in Colombia & grew up feeding her imagination with stories and landscapes that she treasured in her drawings. mariamottaillustration.com

12. Topher Maka
Filipino-American who paints & illustrates in San Francisco, CA. Influenced by street art, nature, and community. Empowering narratives.

13. Joseph Aponte
Self-taught artist, San Francisco. Consistently experimenting with new mediums. Acrylic paint, spray paint, India Ink, digital design & sculpture.

14. Thomas Ma
San Francisco native, and a cartoon artist. My work is inspired by everyday life, but I like to imagine things in epic settings.


15. Brendan Page
Works in a grocery store


16. Nathalie Fabri
San Francisco Artist who's works depicts urban landscapes in vibrant contrasting colors. Her work is shown internationally! fabrikations.com

17. Thomas-Joseph Carrieri
Bay area transplant. Brooklyn born Post-Pop artist. Inspired by the hard black lines of Keith Haring and indie comic books. guerrillagaragearts.com

Linda Hope.jpg

18. Linda Hope
Resident of Ingleside. She has been painting in her Hunters Point Shipyard studio since 1984.

19. Zsalto
Hungarian artist and illustrator who lives and works in Davis, CA. Works mostly with watercolors on paper. zsalto.wix.com/zsalto

20. AOK
Painter in the Mission District of SF. His style is filled with brightly colored digitized patterns and paint strokes in neon and pastels. @AOKartist

21. Phil Di Leo
Eclectic musician from the Sierra Nevada Foothills laying down for a quick nap in the Bay Area. He specializes in specializing.

Neil Ballard.jpg

22. Neil Ballard
Neighborhood cartoonist and illustrator. Produces work for Ingleside-Excelsior Light. illustratedingleside.com

23. Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh
Multi-disciplinary artist who lives and works in Oakland, California. Her work documents the urban landscape. dawlinejaneart.com

24. Alan Khum
A cat in disguise, perfecting his artistry in watercolor, gouache and oil paints.

25. Melissa Uroff
Artist, photographer. She loves to mix mediums. She has public art pieces on display throughout California.
MelissaUroff.com | TUBEmag.com

26. April Lelia
Observing and Exploring nature's life, mystery and its code, and how it reflects on human life. Painting, sculpture or mix media. aprillelia.com

27. Emmanuel Sevilla
Artist, Painter, and Sign Maker. Born and raised in Los Angeles, lives and works in San Francisco. emmanuelsevilla.com

28. Suki Liebow
Contemporary artist whose intricate designs are comprised of her incredibly tiny handwriting. She has been writing for over 20 years.

29. Donine Wellman
Passion for all types of art mediums. A career in Graphic Design afforded her an avenue for learning digital art. Mixed Media. wellmanart.com


30. Sid Wellman
American Pop and Abstract artist known for his bright colors, bold graphics, whimsical and iconic style.

31. Gregory Zeppa
Avid artist of many mediums. Always working to build the local community, Greg teaches poetry at multiple Ingleside elementary schools.

32. Michael Covington
Visual artist, Designer, & collaborator, from spray paint to house paint and almost everything in between, Michael uses whatever is around him.

33. Amelia Selene
An escapist fueled with passions of fantasy, reality, and the embracement of seemingly contradicting elements.

34. Chris Kidd
Northern California painter and printmaker. She paints colorful images of people. ChrisKiddArtist.com

35. Joanna Kidd
Sculptor and printmaker. BFA and MFA from the Academia di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy. Currently lives & works in northern California.

36. Tara Gonzalez
BA in Art Education. Works with hands on mediums such as paint, clay, & pencil. Uses an illustrative style to explore relationships with life.

37. Donald Rizzo
Sees the world through fragments. His works are kaleidoscopic visions of vibrant color, which stem from his dark personal experience.

38. Jeffrey A. Gomez
Manila born, Oakland based painter whose work lies in the intersection of abstract art and international culture. jeffreygomez.us

39. Mary Lovins
Graphic designer, fine artist, singer-songwriter/musician, actress; creates visual communication with purpose.

40. Anthony Hall
Artist from San Francisco, CA interpreting everyday experiences and social conditions.

41. Arash Shirinbab
Award winning artist and calligrapher. He has participated in exhibitions nationally & internationally. He has led over 4 dozen public art programs.

42. Chiyomi McKibbin
MFA California College of the Arts. Her work stems from an interest in architecture and design while questioning ideas about identity.

43. Marie Applegate
High fivin' creative collaborator. Creating whimsical experiments that reconnects us to our most authentic selves…and each other!

44. Bill Chiechi
His paintings reflect his life in some way or another. There is passion in his work, and the belief that each one holds truth and substantial clarity.

Ian Stewart (twins) West Art.jpg

45. Ian and Adahn Westart
We're twin brothers who enjoy working collaboratively under the name WestArt. We freelance on Illustration and Graphic design jobs.

46. Bob Armstrong
San Francisco native who grew up 4 blocks from Ocean Avenue. Artist for over 30 years. President of the Artists Guild of San Francisco.

47. Sidnea D'Amico
Brazilian born artist, living & working in San Francisco. Working in acrylics and incorporating mixed media, her work is colorful, vibrant & metaphoric.

48. Sunshine Austina
Visual artist with a forte in psychedelic, multi-layered, colorful, pop-art.

49. Rudy Milante
Self-taught artist. Glen Park District, SF. His neo-expressionistic visual art depicts a playful vibrancy of movement. rudymilante.com

50. Michel Misho
Born in Switzerland, lives in Oakland. Work with abstract photography, acrylics painting and mixed media sculpture. MishoGallery.com

51. Nicole Garcia
Self taught visual artist, making art since childhood. Likes exploring connections between nature and personal experiences and journeys.

52. Justine TF
Artist from Los Angeles who paints with the purpose of invoking feelings of enchantment through ethereal images of female protagonists.

53. Leslie Morgan
Almost all of my art has to do with water! It is my passion, my joy and my concern. My work is becoming more focused on the environment.

54. Monika Steiner
My paintings feature emerging and dissolving shapes coming in and out of existence, creating a balance that it is exquisitely delicate and powerful.


55. Vincent Pagniucci
Involved in art and music making since an early age. Loves sketching, and documenting life through art.


56. Luke Merlini
Graphic designer and fast-food aficionado. I like bright colors, always incorporate them into my work. My mom thinks I’m cool. lukemerlini.com

57. Pixelstud™
Northern California native. Draws inspiration from books, toys, & pop art to create unique canvases laced with recycled objects.

58. Jonah Roll
Creates artwork for the public and many of his pieces are included in private collections. His work has been exhibited nationally.


59. Jay Lasnik
Visual artist, live-theatre prop, costume-crafts fabricator and set designer.

60. Lilia Sanchez Montesinos
Graphic designer, illustrator, Mexico. Currently living in San Francisco. Her illustrations are based in the poetry she writes. liliamontesinos.com

61. Angela Myers
Finding solitude and inspiration in nature wherever I happened to live grounded me and made me feel connected to something bigger.

62. Andrea Vidrine
Local illustrator & painter residing in Ingleside. Works mostly with ink & watercolor. andreavidrine.com

63. Anne Ruth Isaacson
Portrait Painter. Creating Unique One of a Kind Art. Oil on Canvas. Working from Life.

64. Patrick Parnell
Designer by day. Artist at heart. Self-taught painter and photographer. Natural & abstract imagery.


65. Johnny Botts
On impulse, I added a cartoon robot to one of my traditional paintings Now robots have completely taken over my artwork. johnnybotts.com

66. Sue Chancey
Sacramento based artist, gardener, mother, and general dabbler and maker in all things creative. Utilizes found and repurposed objects.

67. Jenn Ponci
California based artist specializing in street, tattoo, and fine art mediums. Often traveling to collaborate on murals and tattoo at conventions.

68. John Klaiber
I am the Creative Existence is the way of my Soul. Music, Art, Painting, Sculpture, Writing, Video and Pictures. Let's not forget, Clay.

69. Susan Isome
I'm a San Francisco artist who enjoys the whimsical, the fantastic, and the absurd. I love sharing that in my drawings and water colors.

70. Katrina Loren Exconde
Graphic/New Media Designer by trade, an Abstract Artist by heart. Currently exploring simplicity in my art and life. Abstractloren.com

71. David Silverman
His classroom approach to sharing his understanding of joyful creative inquiry have been forged over many years of real world experience.

72. Daniel Miramontes
Tenacious dreamer, chronically curious, resourceful fabricator of ideas, riding the wave of creativity. Heroic-Dose.com

73. Steve "Stevie B" Belale
Multidisciplinary artist and designer. Visual communicator born and raised in San Francisco. thegreatdemise.com

74. Suchitra
Self Taught Artist working with my own visual language & stream of consciousness to present socially engaged work in Women Rights.