2016 Auction Guide

The Arts Alive Ingleside project consists of 74 vinyl lamppost banners measuring 22.5" by 52" that have been individually hand-painted by artists. Each banner is an original, one-of-a-kind work of art.

The front of each banner features the artists' original artwork; the back of each banner features a rendering of the El Rey Theatre or an historic streetcar and advertises Second Sundays, an arts and entertainment event that occurs on the second Sunday of every month along Ocean Avenue. Nine banner sponsors have supported the project.

All of the banners were revealed at a banner unveiling event on May 1, 2016, attended by the artists, the project partners, the community, the media and Supervisor Norman Yee. A silent auction of the banners commenced at the event. The auction will continue online through 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 31, 2016, while the banners are displayed on lampposts along Ocean Avenue from Manor Drive to Phelan Avenue. New, permanent banners using select artwork from the project will replace the arts banners. Half of the auction proceeds will fund the Arts Alive Ingleside project and half will support the artists themselves.


  • Providing an exciting medium for local artists
  • Showcasing local artwork that will be visible to tens of thousands passers-by
  • Visually enhancing the Ocean Avenue commercial corridor
  • Establishing Ocean Avenue as a commercial district in which arts are encouraged as an integral part of the revitalization project
  • Compensating artist for their works of art
  • Raising funds for arts and neighborhood revitalization activities
  • Strengthening the bond between neighborhood organizations
  • Establishing a relationship between Independent Arts & Media (our fiscal sponsor) and Ocean Avenue